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Wonderful Workgroups

In his book, “Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord”, Dave Stone urges parents to find role models for their children.  People outside the home who undergird the Godly lessons taught inside it.  Workgroups play that role for the Shiloh homeparents and children. Workgroups come along side our children to share with them, laugh with them, and encourage them to follow Jesus.  They reinforce the homeparents’ message to work hard, respect others, and focus on the future.  They visit the Shiloh … [Read more...]

Work of the Master

I enjoy the work of a Master... Claude Monet turns canvass into a spring morning bursting with color.  Ludwig Van Beethoven finds melody among the ebonies and ivories.  C.S. Lewis invites you to anticipate Heaven on journeys to Narnia. God gives us at least one talent.  Some, like Mozart, discover it early and glorify God with it all their life.  But for others it’s hard to unearth.  Especially for the abused and neglected child.  Angry words turn young hearts into stone... “I wish you … [Read more...]