Our Team

Our Staff and Board of Trustees is a knowledgeable group of people with a heart for God’s purpose in our ministry. They are servants to the children who call Shiloh home and are always working to reach other hurting children.

Shiloh Trustees

The Board of Trustees

Front Row:
L-R: Bob Vickers, Pete Million, Dan Butcher, Nathan Plumb, Dr. Jim Tritz, Stan Moore, Jim Schaefer, and Jim VanSchyndel


The Shiloh Administration Staff

Front Row:
L-R: Mandy Eagan, Amy Bishop, and Angie Hays

Back Row:
L-R: Jay Craig, Matthew Harris, Mark Adkison, and Tim1Craiggger

Mark Adkison

Executive Director

SHILOH STAFF PIC 2015 005Jay Craig

Stewardship Officer

SHILOH STAFF PIC 2015 009Tim1Craigger

Stewardship Director

SHILOH STAFF PIC 2015 001Amy Bishop

Director of Accounting & Finance

SHILOH STAFF PIC 2015 008Matthew Harris

Placement Representative

SHILOH STAFF PIC 2015 002Angie Hays

Executive Administrative Associate

SHILOH STAFF PIC 2015 008Mandy Eagan


Cindy Ayers

Counseling Services

Greg Lowes

Counseling Services

Jessica David

Counseling Services