Covered With Band-Aids

Sometimes we get a cut that seems to be insignificant and will go away on its own. Other times if we leave it unattended, it gets infected and can lead to more serious issues, needing more professional assistance.
The children that come our direction often come with painful “cuts” that have been covered with a bandaid but not enough antibiotic to treat it fully, sometimes for years. The pain from such things as divorce, abuse, abandonment, and neglect if left unattended can be hidden for years but the infection inside the heart will continue to grow and spread until it is out of control.
That’s where Shiloh comes in. We don’t just pull out yet another bandaid and cover it up. We welcome the child into our home…into our hearts…and get to discover where the cut came from. We pull off the dirty bandage, deal with the junk that has spread not just physically but emotionally and spiritually into the child, work at cleaning away bit by bit until the original hurt can be dealt with. Then together we teach the child how to care for it so infection will not return in the future.
Why it works is what goes with it…..the true healing comes from introducing them to the Great Healer…the antibiotic if you will. Our goal is to help them discover they are His special creation and the plan He has for their life…not one filled with a pain that continues to destroy but a life filled with His joy that blossoms.
Simply put, “why does Shiloh work?”……………it’s because we have a God who works..who heals. And it’s FAR BETTER than any ol’ bandaid around!!!

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