Work of the Master

I enjoy the work of a Master…

Claude Monet turns canvass into a spring morning bursting with color.  Ludwig Van Beethoven finds melody among the ebonies and ivories.  C.S. Lewis invites you to anticipate Heaven on journeys to Narnia.

God gives us at least one talent.  Some, like Mozart, discover it early and glorify God with it all their life.  But for others it’s hard to unearth.  Especially for the abused and neglected child.  Angry words turn young hearts into stone…

“I wish you were never born.”  “Get lost!” “Why can’t you be like your brother?”  These put-downs bury a child’s hope.  Talent and passion entombed between layers of fear and doubt.

Children arrive at Shiloh empty shells.  Their eyes void of life.  The talent God wants them to use for His Kingdom was dumped into a grave long ago.  BUT Jesus overcame the grave.  He brings talent to life…

Shane arrived at Shiloh quiet and unsure.  He discovered quickness and power on the football field.  His gift in football helped him go to college, where he earned a degree in social work.

Elizabeth stepped into her Shiloh home a Burger-King-only-eating atheist.  But then she found the King of Kings more palatable.  She feasted on Bread from heaven.  She earned her Master’s degree in Biology and works at Mayo Clinic.

Malachi rushed head-long down the road of rebellion.  But his homeparents refused to let him kick down the boundaries he needed to coral his spirit.  He fell in love with music.  And now when he’s not totting a gun protecting your freedom and mine in the U.S. Army, he totes his guitar.

Will the world ever applaud Shiloh children as masters of their craft?  It’s doubtful.  One may bubble up to be a renowned artist, scientist, or leader, but in reality it’s not likely.

But that doesn’t even matter.  Nothing matters more than this: that they know the Master.  The only one who’s mastered the art of restoring the broken.  The only one who’s mastered the art of fatherhood.  The only one who’s mastered the art of grace.  You and I get to see Him at work among the Shiloh children.

I enjoy the work of the Master.

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