Child Placement


Thank you for contacting Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch. We recognize this may be a very difficult time for you and your child and the process may seem daunting. Rest assured, you have come to a place where your child’s story can be shared safely without shock, judgment or fear. Please be completely honest and thorough during the application process to ensure that we can meet the needs of your child and provide a safe, supportive and successful placement. Please allow six weeks for application processing. We have included the following guidelines to make the process easier and more expeditious. Please note that all information will remain confidential. Our hope at Shiloh is that through Jesus Christ we can be a help to you, your family, and your child.

  • Check the FAQ to ensure that Shiloh is a good fit for your child. While we would love to be able to place every child, due to space limitations and the nature of our ministry, that is just not possible. If you have reviewed the FAQ page and don’t feel Shiloh is a good fit for your child, please call the office and we may be able to provide information for alternative resources
  • You may save and come back to the application at any time
  • Complete the child placement application in its entirety. Be thorough, as missing info could slow down the process
  • You will need contact information for the following providers
    • Mental health: Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, mental health hospitalizations, evaluations, and any additional testing
    • Healthcare: Physicians, specialists, hospitalizations,  vision, dental and any other applicable
    • Educational: All schools, including placement testing, IEP or 504 plans, disciplinary records
    • Prior Placements: Foster care, voluntary placements including other residential care or children’s homes
  • Please be as thorough as possible and answer all applicable questions. There will be a time during the placement process to discuss the information in the application with a placement representative. It is helpful for them to have a solid understanding of the struggles you are facing with your child.
  • Once your child’s application has been accepted for consideration by our placement team, your child will need a physical and lab work to screen for communicable diseases. This is required by our accreditation organization, to ensure the safety of your child and all placed children. Please print the following form and take it to your healthcare provider. The completed form must be turned in prior to the placement interview. LINK TO PHYSICIAN’S REPORT *Note* Incomplete lab results may delay placement

What Happens After My Application Is Received:

  • Placement Representatives will begin requesting information from providers named in the application
  • Documents are reviewed by placement team members at the monthly meeting for acceptance
  • If accepted, the child’s application will be matched to a set of Homeparents with a suitable opening
  • Homeparents review the application to ensure they believe they can meet the needs of the child
  • If the application is accepted by the Homeparents, they will contact the child’s guardian(s) to arrange a face to face interview and tour of the ranch site
  • If the application is not accepted, it may be passed to another set of Homeparents, should they have an acceptable opening. If not, the child’s application will be held until such an opening is available
  • Once the child’s application has been declined placement by two sets of Homeparents, guardian(s) will be notified and alternative resources information will be provided upon request
  • If all parties agree to move ahead with placement, a date will be set
  • At placement, legal guardian(s) must provide Shiloh with child’s ORIGINAL Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and Insurance Card. Parents must sign the Power of Attorney and Custody Agreement at that time EXAMPLE
    • Please Note: Power of Attorney and Custody Agreement do NOT assign legal or physical custody to Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch. They only allow representatives of Shiloh to act on behalf of your child while they are in placement. Such acts may include but are not limited to: application for health coverage in the child’s placed county, medical treatment, medication administration, to fulfill school enrollment requirements, open a bank account for the child’s allowance and acquire driver’s permit or license

Thank you,
The Staff of Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch



What type of ministry is Shiloh?
• Independent Christian based ministry, designed to help children and youth in need
• Two locations – Kahoka, MO & Clarence, MO
• Six traditional full time homes and two relief (respite) homes with Christian Homeparents
• Traditional family setting: Husband and wife practicing Biblical teaching and discipline
• Up to 10 children per home
• Picturesque rural ranch style setting
How Shiloh Can Help?
• Provide a safe, Christian home for children who are capable of functioning in a traditional family setting
• Provide contract counseling on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, as determined by the Homeparents and Counselors
• Administer medication and therapeutic techniques to assist the child in overcoming their struggles
• Promote Christian beliefs through daily devotions and regular church and youth group attendance
• Establish healthy, functional relationships based on Christlike examples
• While we do work with many attachment issues, we are not attachment specialists and some more extreme
attachment issues may be beyond what we are equipped to handle
What Situations Would Make Placement Unsafe For My Child?
• The need for medication regulation, stabilization or medication changes (although medication changes may be made if approved by an outside provider once the child is stabilized)
• Mental health crisis or active suicidal, homicidal or extreme self-harm behaviors
• The need for intensive therapeutic intervention or psychiatric care
• The need for lock down care or children at risk of elopement (running away)
• A child who suffers from a chronic health condition, communicable disease or a condition that prevents them from
functioning independently
• Children with educational disabilities beyond what would be equivalent to an IQ of 70 or below
• Children who present a health or safety risk to other children
Who can come to Shiloh?
• Children birth up to their 16th birthday (children may remain here until they turn 18 or graduate)
• Children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect
• Children with behavioral issues that do not prevent them from functioning in a typical family setting
• Children who are at risk: homeless, parents or extended family are unable to adequately care for
• Children desiring to make a positive change in their life
How much does it cost to send my child to Shiloh?
• There is no fee to send a child to Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch
• We are funded completely by churches and private donors
• Donations are greatly appreciated
How long will my child stay at Shiloh?
• Until the child has made marked improvement in their problem areas
• Until such a time as the Homeparents and parents agree the child is ready to return home
• Some children stay at Shiloh permanently
What does a normal day at Shiloh look like?
• Children work together in a family setting learning to cook, clean, care for animals and complete daily chores
• Children attend school
• Families go on outings, shopping trips, family vacations, sporting events and community events
• Shiloh families attend the local Christian Church as a family and will also share daily devotions in the home, attend
youth group, Christian summer camps, Christian music concerts and other faith based events
What type of education will my child receive?
• Education is a huge consideration when placing a child. Depending on your child’s needs, age and placement location, they will attend one of the following:
    o On-Site Christian School
    o Off-Site Christian School
    o Public School
Is there a waiting list?
• No. Children and Homeparents are “matched” to ensure the best possible placement outcome
    o Children’s needs are carefully considered and matched to the strengths of a particular set of Homeparents
• We will hold your child’s completed application for up to one year while considering him/her for each suitable opening
Who has custody of my child?
• Legal custody of the child remains with the person who has custody at the time of placement
• We never assume custody of placed children
• If custody is shared between multiple people, we will need permission from all parties for placement and all parties will share allotted visitation time
Can Parents/Guardians visit the children?
• For the first 30 days there is no contact between the legal custody holder and the child. However, parents and guardians may contact the homeparents for an occasional update on the child
• After the first 30 days, visits are scheduled on a monthly basis as long as the Homeparents, child and parents agree that the visits are beneficial
• Visits should be arranged with Homeparents at least two weeks prior to the requested visit
How Can I help?
• You can make Shiloh a part of your prayer life
• You can remember Shiloh if you know someone in need of our ministry
• You can give as a financial supporter
• You can donate much needed items. Call our office for suggestions or see our wish list in the quarterly Results
Your gift is very much appreciated and fully deductible as a charitable contribution.  A copy of our latest financial  report may be obtained by writing to Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch, 601 N. Center Street, P.O. Box 606, Shelbina, MO 63468 and 573-588-2191.   Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch was formed in Missouri.  If you are a resident of one of these states, you may obtain financial information directly from the state agency:  FLORIDA – A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE, 1-800-435-7352 (800-HELP-FLA) OR ONLINE AT REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. Florida Registration # CH47516. MARYLAND – For the cost of copies and postage, Office of the Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD  2140.  MISSISSIPPI – The official registration and financial information of Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch may be obtained from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office by calling 1-888-236-6167. Registration by the Secretary of State does not imply endorsement.  NEW YORK – Office of the Attorney General, Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271. NORTH CAROLINA – FINANCIAL INFORMATION ABOUT THIS ORGANIZATION AND A COPY OF ITS LICENSE ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE STATE SOLICITATION LICENSING BRANCH AT 1-888-830-4989. THE LICENSE IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT BY THE STATE. PENNSYLVANIA – The official registration and financial information of Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement;   VIRGINIA – Virginia State Office of Consumer Affairs, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services, PO Box 1163, Richmond, VA  23218.  . WASHINGTON – Charities Division, Office of the Secretary of State, State of Washington, Olympia, WA 98504-0422, 1-800-332-4483.   WEST VIRGINIA – Residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documents from the Secretary of State, State Capitol, Charleston, WV 25305.  Registration with any of these state agencies does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by any state.