Church Partners

A Note From Jay…

“One of the most important things I do here at Shiloh is to show and tell churches, and other organizations, about how we provide homes for formerly abused/neglected children. I would be thrilled to visit with your group at your location. Just contact me and we will schedule a visit.”

Jay Craig, Stewardship Officer


Several hundred churches partner with Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch by including Shiloh in their regular missions giving. Most of these churches contribute funding on a monthly basis. The regular giving amounts of these supporting churches range from $50 per month to approximately $2,000 per month.  Each of these churches decides what funding amount they are able to and are willing to donate.

Often, a ladies group, youth group, or Sunday school class contributes financially to the Ranch.

If you belong to a church or to a group within a church that would like to contribute, please contact Mandy Eagan at Shiloh’s office at: 573.588.2191 to discuss details, or email Mandy at: .

Shiloh would be glad to send a knowledgeable representative to your church to show and tell about Shiloh’s ministry to formerly abused, neglected children.