Shiloh’s Volunteers provide an opportunity for teenagers, adults, and
churches to help Shiloh kids that need someone to love them and build them up
with Christian support.

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities where you can partner with Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch to give glory to God and show you, your congregation, youth group, or organization  a great time of learning how to nurture their servant hearts and give back to the Lord!

Nurturing Notes

Shiloh will provide your group the first name, gender, and age of our Shiloh children so you can write encouraging notes to our Shiloh children. This correspondence will offer you a chance to give Christ-based encouragement that will make a very positive impact on both group’s lives.

Shiloh Prayer Warrior

You can share by becoming “Prayer Warriors” for our children. There is nothing more important than prayer in these young people’s lives. We will inform you of the many ongoing prayer concerns of our children.  In many cases, our Shiloh children had no one to pray for them!  Thank you for praying!

“Day2Day” Household Supplies Program

This is very popular with youth groups, congregations, and organizations alike! This is where you have an opportunity to donate household products that our homes use everyday to help care for the children. Items included are toilet tissue, paper towels, household cleaners, toiletries, bath and kitchen towels, trash can liners, twin size sheets, laundry products, and any other items you might use on an every day basis.

“Back-To-School” Supply Assistance

Shiloh children always need the basics: pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons, rulers, book bags, glue, spiral notebooks, markers, etc.

Mission/Work Group Trips

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch has so many different ways to serve! Being a ranch setting, your group can participate in projects that could include: cutting firewood, fence maintenance, livestock care, painting, landscaping, home repair/remodeling, and many more service opportunities. While at the ranch site, you would be able to get to know the Shiloh family and enjoy our hospitality during your stay.

If you are interested in volunteering with Shiloh, please contact Mark Adkison at markadkison@shilohranch.org or fill out the form below:

My contact information: