How We Help

“Shiloh isn’t just a place for children to go to get away from certain situations. It’s a place to call home and find acceptance. Shiloh saved my life. I truly believe I wouldn’t be alive had I not gone to Shiloh. I found the love that I needed to feel my whole life in the people there.”

Many children who come to live with us feel hopeless. Their situations back home often seem unchangeable and the parents often give up all hope of ever seeing things get better. But we have a God of hope! A God who can provide an atmosphere of love and implant in each young life hope for a better tomorrow.

Shiloh’s children have become recognized athletes, musical performers and visual artists. An on-site tutor has consistently empowered Shiloh’s kids to obtain top honors at school. The opportunities for success provide inspiration for these children to believe in themselves, have confidence in their abilities, and take pride in accomplishments.

We have also added two new vocational/extra curricular activities for Shiloh kids!

• For the girls, we now have sewing and craft classes. The Shiloh Grandmothers teach the girls the art of sewing and creative craft projects. The girls get to show off their accomplishments with a spring fashion show where the public is invited and the girls model their creations.

• For the boys, our homeparent Dads offer a wood working class to teach the basics of wood working techniques and safety. The boys make projects and also help the Dads to make furniture and items that are needed on the ranch sites. We now also offer training in auto mechanics in our full service auto shop on site.