What Our Kids Say

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“Before Shiloh I was passed around from home to home to home. Different people were taking care of me. Now that I’m at Shiloh I have a firm home and it’s not like I’m being given to different people all the time.”

“They helped me education-wise through elementary and high school. Shiloh helped me financially so that I could go to college at Quincy University.”

“I have to tell you that I contribute my life’s success from the two years that I lived at Shiloh. Without your help I don’t know that I would have made it even this far.”

“If it weren’t for their gentle guidance and enduring love, I don’t know that I would be walking down this path in life. I am so thankful for their willingness to follow God’s plan for their lives and in so doing, they were able to impact my life in an incredible way. I am now teaching my daughter many of the same things I witnessed parents at Shiloh teaching their children.”

“Shiloh isn’t just a place for children to go to get away from certain situations. It’s a place to call home and find acceptance. Shiloh saved my life. I truly believe I wouldn’t be alive had I not gone to Shiloh. I found the love that I needed to feel my whole life in the people there.”

“Shiloh…this place means so much to me. To me Shiloh means “A New Start”, because that is exactly what I received when I showed up.”

“Shiloh is the greatest place… because they care for you and will help you get through life. They’ll help send you to college if you want to go. You can make it if you want to make it. Through Shiloh I have gone to college and I will be graduating in February!”

“Shiloh was very fun. I enjoyed feeling loved…I was never forgotten. At Shiloh, I found someone I had never even really considered before, which was Jesus Christ. I never had to be alone again.”

“I had tremendous spiritual growth at Shiloh and if it weren’t for God placing me here, I would be just another lost lamb. It’s amazing how God intertwines people and places together and allows the Holy Spirit to work through them.”

“When I came to Shiloh, I thought they were all crazy, I thought, “What is up with these people! They are crazy, I am so glad that I am normal.” Soon, I realized why they lived differently, and my lifestyle was anything but normal. I felt an emptiness in me, that I wanted filled, and Shiloh introduced it to me . . . God.”