Every parent has times when they reach the end of their patience and feel like there is nothing more they know how to do. You are not alone! God knows what you are going through. In Luke 15, God shows us the story of the rebellious child through the story of the prodigal son.


Learn tools that can help you cope and tips to create better communication with your struggling child through the articles below.

Three “F’s” of Effective Parenting

Words to Parent By: 10 Words & Phrases to Use Once a Day
Teen Rebellion

Shiloh counselors are also available to help you. A caring voice of reassurance, our counselors are filled with the knowledge, understanding, and support to help you better understand how to help your child. They are also available to discuss placing a child at Shiloh. You are welcome to call our office at (573) 588-2191. Normal hours are 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday.

For more information on placing a child at Shiloh or to fill out our online form to request more information, please click below:

Placing A Child at Shiloh