Who can come to Shiloh?

      • Children 0-15 years old
      • Children that are abused, neglected, and/or at-risk
      • Children desiring a change in their life

How much does it cost to send a child to Shiloh?

      • No fee

What kind of facility is Shiloh?

      • Two sites, Clarence and Kahoka, MO
      • Six traditional homes and two relief homes with Christian Homeparents
      • Family setting with biblical teaching and discipline
      • Approximately 10 children in each home
      • Rural country setting
      • On-site Christian school at Kahoka site

How long does a child stay at Shiloh?

      • Until significant improvements occur
      • Time for child to work through their situation(s)
      • Some children make Shiloh their permanent home

What do the children do each day?

      • Children work together in a family environment, learning to cook, take care of farm animals, and other chores
      • Children attend school at one of three schools: On-site Christian, public school, or Christian school
      • Each Shiloh child attends the local Christian church as a family and may also be involved in youth group, Christian summer camps, Christian concerts, etc.
      • Families go on shopping trips, to sporting events, and community functions

Can parents/guardians visit the child(ren)?

      • Yes, if it is beneficial to the child, visits will be regularly scheduled
      • There is no contact the first month to allow child to adjust to their new setting
      • During the second month, the visit will be on site
      • Then monthly visits are arranged with the homeparents 2 weeks prior to the visit

How can I help?

      • You can become a regular supporter of Shiloh’s ministry to children (See below)
      • You can make Shiloh a part of your prayer life
      • You can remember Shiloh if you know of a child in need of our ministry

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